BenSpark’s Holiday Gift Guide – Modarri Turbo Monster Trucks

Modarri Turbo Monster Trucks

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The folks at Thoughtfull Toys, Inc, creators of the Modarri line of cars and now Modarri Turbo Monster Trucks sent us the full line of new trucks for free to include in our Holiday Gift Guide. This is a gift guide for parents so that I can show them some of the coolest toys and games out there. These Modarri Turbo Monster Trucks are great for kids who love to customize!

We have been fans of the Modarri cars ever since they debuted on Kickstarter. I was a high level backer and at the same time was sent products for free to review. At this point I think we have 18 or 20 Modarri vehicles in the house. I even backed their Enduro venture which gave me an incredible truck and sports car. So, to say that I love Modarri is an understatement. They are fantastic and I love all that they make.

The new Turbo Monster Trucks are great but they threw me for a loop when they didn’t have the independent suspension of the regular Modarri cars. I both like this and dislike this. The independent suspension for the Modarri cars was a genius bit of engineering and I would have liked to have seen them with bigger working shocks on the monster trucks. However, I do like that swapping tires is so much easier on the Monster Trucks. These tires and rims are only interchangeable with the other Turbo Monster Trucks. So I think having no suspension is perfectly fine with these Turbo Monster Trucks. You can see what I mean in the video below.

I love that the frames, fenders and hoods of all of the Modarri cars that we own can be swapped with these new Turbo Monster Trucks. That is a key feature of the Modarri brand and one of the reasons that I got so excited about them. I just love being able to mix and match and create all sorts of designs with the toys.

Then Modarri made foam tracks with are perfect for kids to drive around and have a great time playing on. The Modarri cars zip and swerve all over the place on these tracks. You can see my old videos on Modarri in this YouTube search of my channel and Modarri. More info on the new Turbo Monster Trucks below.


Kids & Kidults Shift Gears Indoors And Out With Radical “Hammerhead” S1 Hood or “Night Vision” R1 Hood Plus 12 Interchangeable Parts Santa Cruz, CA (October 22, 2019) – Gleeful chatter on Modarri’s Facebook Page this week came from the grownups when they discovered Jurassic Beasts, Team Sharkz and Space Invaders Turbo Monster Trucks ($19.99) have arrived. Chassis, fender, hood and frame mix-and-match parts sit atop four large soft rubber tires that are interchangeable with other trucks.

“Awesome, my son loves his Modarri cars! He absolutely loves monster trucks!” wrote one eager Dad. Responded Modarri, “He is going to love our new monster trucks!
They mix and match with his Modarri cars too.” Another Facebook fan quickly added, “Kids, nothin’… How about some love for the adults??”

It doesn’t matter what age you are, designing and building cars is fun, points out Modarri on their colorful website, Their homepage endorses “enjoy quality time spent with family sharing parts and exploring new creations!”

Perfect for Holiday 2019 giving, these massive trucks can catch some serious air! Like their life- size counterparts, try racing the Jurassic Beasts Monster Truck over ramps or plowing the Space Invaders Monster Truck through mud or doing donuts with Team Sharkz Monster Truck. They are big, they’re bad and they are fully customizable thanks to the Modular Building System. Car parts have retained screws that won’t fall out. Just loosen the screws with the hex tool provided and swap out one part (or many) for another.

Like the entire award-winning line of Modarri cars, put your finger in the driver’s seat to take full control. Grownups and kids already know it’s the ultimate toy car experience!

Discover these three just-released kits, each $19.99 and for ages 3+ at

Modarri M1 Jurassic Beasts Monster Truck
Modarri puts the monster into this beast of a car! Open the pack to reveal Orange Monster Truck chassis, Green Dino C1 Concept hood, Green Dino X1 Dirt Fender, Black Truck M1 Frame (plastic), Blue “Night Vision” R1 hood, Blue “Night Vision”, R1 Fender, 4 Large soft rubber tires (interchangeable with other trucks), 4 Rims
(interchangeable with other trucks) and one handy Hex Tool.

Modarri M1 Space Invaders Monster Truck
Ready for an out-of-this-world adventure? The more than a dozen interchangeable parts include: Bright Green Monster Truck chassis, Dark Transparent “Blaster” S2 hood, Dark Transparent “Blaster” R1 Fender, Chrome Coupe Frame (plastic), Transparent “UFO” C1 hood, Silver “UFO” C1 Fender, 4 Large soft rubber tires (interchangeable with other trucks) and 4 Rims (interchangeable with other trucks) plus a Hex Tool.

Modarri M1 Team Sharkz Monster Truck
Put some teeth into your off-roading adventure with this monster truck. The DIY kit includes: Light Grey Monster Truck chassis, Tiger Shark R1 hood, Tiger Shark S1 Fender, Yellow Rally Frame (plastic), “Hammerhead” S1 hood, “Hammerhead” C1 Fender, 4 Large soft rubber tires (interchangeable with other trucks), 4 Rims (interchangeable with other trucks) plus a Hex Tool.

These three car-crushing beasts are the perfect complement to any Modarri car in stock. All hoods, fender and frames can be mixed and matched with any Modarri cars already in the house.

For more ideas and to discover what’s next, follow them on social media channels Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

About Modarri
Based in Santa Cruz, CA, Modarri is a team of kind, passionate, and fun people! Three Dads – David Silvergate, Trevor Hite and Brian Gulassa — set out to make the toy car they dreamed about when they were kids — the Ultimate Toy Car. Their dream matches their mission to enrich children’s lives by encouraging them to explore more through creative, open-ended play. Since their founding in 2014, they have been awarded with a mantle of honors from Popular Science Best of Toy Fair to ASTRA Best Toys
For Kids. Explore more at

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