Motorcycle Lessons from Grandfather

Photo-A-Day #3001

The whole family finally got a trip to Larry Joe’s New England Firepit. Eva and Andrew split one dog and Allison and I each had one to ourselves. We were joined in our adventure by Uncle Mike. Allison saw him at Target and asked him if he wanted to join us for lunch. We had a delicious lunch and some survival tips from Larry Joe. It is always an adventure going there.

Later in the afternoon Allison and the kids went over to our friend Michelle’s place so they could have a playdate. I had a few errands to run including picking up a new camera. I’m shooting the photos at my cousin’s wedding on Friday and I wanted to make sure that I could back up my current camera.

When I picked up the family we had dinner at Michelle’s and then hung out a bit.

We popped over to my parent’s place to visit my Mom. It was her last day of school and we wanted the kids to see her. When we were leaving my Dad wanted to show Andrew his motorcycle and see if he wanted to sit on the bike. Andrew had a fun time pretending to ride the bike. Then he’d get down and walk around the front of the bike, touch the tire, the foot peg and the air filter. He’d then ask my Dad to pick him back up and start the whole process again.

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