Multiple Fandoms Mashed Together

Multiple Fandoms
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00250

I have a small shelf at the office that I am not too sure what to do with. It isn’t so much a shelf as it is a stack of those plastic things that you slide papers into. There is nothing in the top one so I have just been putting the things that have no specific place there. There is a large Godzilla Pop figure along with King Bob from Minions and Pop form. There are a couple of 3D comic book covers that I either got from Loot Crate of Marvel Collector corps. There is an Aliens figure that is walking a face hugger like it is a dog, a hydra employee of the Month mug and a few character shaped candy holders. A my little pony one, a Legend of Zelda one and my newest is a red mushroom from Super Mario Bros. I was going to shoot some sort of photo with that one with the caption of When you are feeling small. You know, because those mushrooms make you grow in Super Mario games. However they make you go fast in Mario Kart. All I know is that they are filled with little cherry sour candies that look like tiny red mushrooms, too.

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