Music Related MEME…

Well, I was tagged by Kevin at FuelMyBlog’s Blog. I noticed that he tagged me on Twitter. Are you folks using Twitter? It is interesting for mini blogging.

About the MEME: I need to pick 7 CD’s or music tracks that I am listening to right now. 5 from CD player at home and two from the car. Here’s the deal, because I now have an iPod I hardly ever use my CD player in the car. I never really used it much to begin with but for now I listen to many podcasts. So I will mention the podcasts I am listening to as well as the music on the home CD/Alarm Clock.

1. A classical Christmas church album – (I don’t know the name)
2. Ellis Paul – Summertime 1st demo.
3. Jack Johnson – On and On
4. Mark Erelli – Hope & Other Casualties
5. Chris O’Brien – Rosa
6. The Offical LOST Podcast
7. Pop Candy Podcast

And now I tag some friends…
Allison – Sparky’s View
Mo – We’re In A Fight
Autumn – Autumn Indigo
Christine – Tales From the Ball Park

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