My Day at DreamWorks Animation

With Voltron Legendary Defender
Photo-A-Day #4040

Right off the bat I have to say that Netflix sent me out to California for an awesome day at DreamWorks Animation. However, I cannot tell you anything about the shows that I saw while I was here because those posts will be coming out next month. What I can tell you about are some of the fun activities that I participated in while I was here. I can say that I was here to see some of Voltron: Legendary Defender and some of Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh. What I thought of the shows and other details are going to have to wait and so please come back for those.

We started off our day with a ride over to DreamWorks Animation and we had an outdoor breakfast. While we were eating breakfast they brought out Toothless and Oh the Boov from Home. There was also a giant Voltron stand up that we could take photos with. After breakfast we watched some Voltron and then went for activities and lunch.

Lunch was a great Voltron theme. There were placemats that had the full robot on one side and an individual lion on the other. There were cupcakes and candy that were Voltron themed. Candy in each color of the lions and the cupcakes had the pilots heads on them or printouts of the full Voltron robot.

Voltron Cupcakes

While at lunch some of the voice actors came out and had lunch, too. We later interviewed some of them. I’ll say more in my full on recap next month but I did get to meet and chat with Josh Keaton, he plays Shiro. I was so hoping that I would meet him because he has played so many characters that are my favorites like Jack Darby from Transformers Prime, Spyro from Skylanders and so many iterations of Spider-Man. We had a very nice conversation and I was grinning from ear to ear afterwards. He was so fun to talk to.

After lunch we went for our activities which included interviews, some basketball and some ADR in the Sound Booth. I’m so fascinated with voice acting and was also nervous as anything to do it. I did it and it was so much fun.

Then it was time to finish up with the Voltron portion of the day and switch gears to Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh. We watched some of the show and then went for three more activities. Interviews, a drawing session and back to the Sound Booth for something that involved sweatbands.

Each of us left with a nice gift bag that contained some fun stuff. I added that to my daily vlog.

For dinner we ate at Simmzy’s Pub and the food was amazing.

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