My iPAQ and its new look

Today I gave my iPAQ a little TLC tune-up. I have been neglecting this little device for a while because we had a falling out over the way it was handling my Microsoft Money files. Well I got MS Money 2005 and the interface with the Pocket PC platform is so much better that I am going to give it another try. Allison got me this Pocket PC for my birthday in 2003. I’ve taken it on every trip since then and used the MS Money Pocket PC version to keep track of my spending on the road so that when I return I just need to synchronize my iPAQ with the computer and all my transactions will be in the system. No duplication of work.

It all worked great until I lost my data and then the program stopped syncing correctly. Well I then used my Flash/Pen drive to keep the MS Money file and was able to just put information into MS Money on either the work computer or the home computer. And that works great. But I missed my little iPAQ and today I gave it a little upgrade. I got the latest version of Personal Vehicle Manager, (it tracks fuel purchases and maintenance costs.) and I got a couple of pocket PC themes. I found a great site for free themes called PocketThemes. So I got a bunch of Snoopy Themes for the Today page of Pocket PC. So the iPAQ feels all shiny and new again.

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