My last day at Toy Fair 2013 – Day 4

Photo-A-Day #2868

Today was a short day at the actual fair but I tried to pack in as much as possible. There were a few booths that I had to make sure to hit in a quick couple of hours. I caught up with the people at Playmobil and LEGO as well as revisited a bunch of other booths where I picked up some free samples of products. Let’s just say that Eva’s going to be pretty excited about the haul above.

Rather than write up everything that I did the past few days, which was a lot of things. I’ve been taking the time to caption a ton of photos on my Facebook Fan page and I’ve included another set from today. Here are all the photo albums, please check them out and let me know what toys you liked from my photos. What do you think I should review for you?

Toy Fair – Day 1

Toy Fair – Day 2

Toy Fair – Day 3

Toy Fair – Day 4

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