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I received a pass for two admissions to the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Movie for free. Opinions of the movie are 100% my own.

I am a fan of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show on The Hub. It has been on for three seasons and I have watched most of it with Eva. When I learned about the movie My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, I knew I had to take Eva. Despite having to work tonight and after spending all last night at a wedding I still went to the only available showing of the movie in my area which was a 1:00pm showing at Showcase Cinemas at Patriot Place. We were both excited to go and the whole way there we talked about what kind of ice cream flavors we would make if we could make any kind. She made up her own Popcorn flavor by crushing up her Oreos from the Kids 1-2-3 pack. I love her imagination.

Here is a trailer of the movie

This has nothing to do with the movie but more to do with showcase itself. I handed the woman my pass, which I forgot to photograph, dang. She was confused by it and went over to a manger and then she opened a Hasbro box and inside was a Twilight Sparkle Equestria Girls doll. I thought that she was going to give us one and that would have made Eva’s day. Luckily Eva is just short enough that she can’t see over the counter and she did not see the toy because only members of the Popcorn Club got one. Well then, sign us up. Nope, you have to already be a member to get the toy. Bummer. Well, we went over and signed up for the club anyway. I signed up both kids and then realized that Andrew was too young for the program but the woman who signed us up didn’t catch it but then again she had me reading the numbers off the kid’s new cards because she couldn’t see very well. She also couldn’t see the $20 bill I gave her to join the club. She finally found it and then went tot he desk to put in our paperwork and we have to wait for the account to be activated. What a convoluted system. I think I just gave her $20 for nothing.

On to the movie.

Here’s the basic premise of the movie. Twilight Sparkle, who has recently become a princess and an alicorn, goes to the Crystal Empire for a summit of all the princesses. She is not feeling confident about being a leader and during the night a new character, Sunset Shimmer, steals her crown and goes through a portal. Twilight is now tasked with following Sunset Shimmer and retrieving her crown, which is also her Element of Harmony in three days or she’ll be trapped in the alternate universe for 30 moons. She must go alone and her friends cannot come along, however she meets a new crop of friends who are very familiar.

The theater had a lot of people in it and so many were excited, dressed in Pony gear and there were a handful of bronies as well. After the movie was over the crowd clapped. We enjoyed the movie very much even though there was “one scary part”. Luckily for me I didn’t have Eva begging me to go home because she was so scared. She made it through the whole movie and enjoyed every bit of it. She laughed and pointed things out, I had to keep telling her not to talk in the theater, but she was excited. I think she’ll really like this when it comes out on DVD. I imagine us watching it many times.

If you want to see if the movie is playing in your neck of the woods, check out the link below to find movie times and buy tickets.

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