My Livestream Backdrop

Livestream Backdrop
Photo-A-Day #4549

I’m working on doing more Livestreams either on Facebook or on YouTube. I have been working on a virtual setup but I wanted something new for a backdrop of my livestream. I have all these papers and pieces of boxes from things that I like and wanted to save, for something. I also had all these stickers from different conferences and I even have dozens of my own stickers for I decided to pick up a tri-fold cardboard at Target for $4 and a roll of double sided foam tape. I then affixed the tape to a ton of things and got to laying them out haphazard on the cardboard. I had no real endgame in mind here. I just wanted to make something that would be behind me while I talked, showed off some toys and played video games. I do like how it ended up coming out overall. Look for it on Thursdays when I go live. I will have to figure out a regular time for these livestreams but I will be doing more of them, soon.

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