My New Favorite Transformer: Backfire

Photo-A-Day #2235

I’ve gone on record before as stating that I dislike the Transformers Movie toys. They are cheap, not that well made and the robots look horrible. I’ve even gone so far as stating that Transformers 2 scenes looked like someone threw a ton of silverware in the air and filmed it at triple speed. However, despite that, when Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon comes out in July I’ll be seeing the movie at least twice in the theater (once in IMAX). If I can get advanced screening tickets again that would be fantastic. I’ve seen Transformers 1 & 2 at advanced screenings and the energy in the theater made the movie.

I was in Walmart recently and I picked up this toy. The Transformer is modeled on a Spyder Can-Am. This touring vehicle, think trike motorcycle with two front wheels instead of two back ones. I want a real Spyder Can-Am and have been enthralled with it since I first saw one. So having one made into a Transformer is so cool. This figure is also part of the Human Alliance series of figures. The figure is Spike Witwickey. Does this mean that Sam will finally get the nickname Spike or will there be no mention of a Spike Witwickey at all. I figure that the movie will never address the name Spike at all.

Spyder recently held a contest to find some new Can-Am Ambassadors. The winners got their own Can-Ams and stipends for road trips. I contemplated entering but I tend to shy away from big time contests like this one. I’d still love to have one of those roadsters though.

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