My taste in wines….

As I have matured I have found that I have grown a taste for wine. I enjoy a nice Pinot Grigio and a nice Cabernet. My tastes run mostly to the whites but the reds are gaining ground as well. Champagne and Wine is much nicer to drink with a fine meal than a regular old beer any day of the week. Wine also makes a great gift to bring over to someone’s home for a dinner party or a visit. We enjoy it very much when friends bring over a bottle of wine to share, especially if it is something that they have discovered on a trip or by a happy accident. I have been fortunate enough to take some vineyard tours on my travels and have been able to sample many wines. Wine is my gift of choice to bring along to a friends home. It is a really nice feeling to have a friend enjoy a wine that you thought hard about picking out. Discover many Champagne and Wine choices at There are many nice gift selections.

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