My Top Three Photos from the HTC One X+ Phone

For the past couple of months I’ve had an HTC One X+ phone to use and review and also to go and do missions. I also took the phone with me to Toy Fair and took a ton of photos and tweeted them all over the place using the phone. I love many features of this phone’s camera and photography software. My favorite and most used feature of the cameraphone was the burst shooting. When you go to take a photo and hold the shutter button down the phone will take 20 shots right in a row and allow you to pull the best image from the set and automatically delete the other images. This is why two of my top three photos were made while using the burst function.


The first time I took the cameraphone out to take photos we went for a walk and I started taking photos of the kids. Burst is fantastic when you are photographing the kids because they move so dang fast.

Speaking of fast I used burst to capture my daughter sledding for the first time this season. It even captured the snow Flying through the air as well.


I used the HDR option as well. This is a cool option and with it you can take some incredible photos. I was at the Providence Place Mall one day and while walking by a giant window looking down to the Providence River really caught my eye and so I tried out the HDR function on the cameraphone. This is what I got.

HDR Providence

I’ve enjoyed having this phone to use for the past few months and loved having it to shoot photos. I’ve been impressed with the images I’ve been able to capture on this phone. I’ll certainly be using it to capture many more.

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