My Toy Reviewing Assistant

Photo-A-Day #2404

With thirty or more toy reviews to do in month I’m going to need some major help. Luckily I have an excited little sweetheart who loves toys as much as I do. Eva has been eager to dive into the pile of great toys I have in the office and play. This week we are going to get a bunch of these reviews completed. Tomorrow’s SwagsGiving giveaway is for a set of Prehistoric Anamalz. Eva and I went to the backyard to do a photo shoot with the Anamalz. Look for more photos and a chance to win these two cute dinos tomorrow.

Today we went for another doctor’s appointment to check up on the baby. The baby has dropped a bit but not as low as it could. We may be waiting another week or so before the baby arrives. I’m getting very excited to meet our new child. Of course now I’m worried that the baby will want to arrive late into the night on the weekend. So baby watch 2011 continues.

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