Photo-A-Day #1557

Here’s a little sunflower that is in our side yard. My sister Tara has been growing a ton of different varieties of them,

Allison had a tough day today. Eva was very nuudgie today. And even this evening she refused to go to bed and wailed and screamed very long, and very loud. So we each took turns checking on her over and over. She’s learned that if she screams “Change” we will come in sooner. We’ve told her that it if she needs a change it is easier to tell us rather than cry and scream.

First she wanted Allison to take out every one of her stuffed animals. Screaming and yelling over and over. Finally all the animals were out. She stopped screaming for a little bit and then went back to screaming. Next she yelled potty. We’re encouraging her to use the potty when she shows interest on her own so I went in and got her. So, we sat down and waited.

Eva has learned how to fib in order to get what she wants. She didn’t need a chance, she didn’t need the potty but she was so insistent. So we are learning very much that you cannot negotiate. So, one more book and back on to bed. Prayers one more time and now she’s sleeping. Ah, negotiations. She’s a mini manipulator. So bedtime took a bit of time tonight.

I picked up a copy of the New York Times. Many people writing about the article, not many in favor of sponsored posts, one guy out and out misquotes the article to illustrate his own little beef with it. I do have to say that what I wrote in the past 3 years with IZEA has been genuine and disclosed. If you find something not disclosed let me know.

The Cloth Couture giveaway is going well, if you haven’t entered yet you should get on that soon.

My computer home is still dead. I had some photos from yesterday that I meant to put up. They were on the external drive so I grabbed them tonight and here they are.

Logan's 1st Birthday
This was going to be photo-a-day #1556 but my computer died.

Logan's cake
What an adorable cake love the photos of his 1st year.

Yummy Watermelon
Eva loves yummy watermelon

Eva loving watermelon

Grandpa and Lady
My grandpa and his new dog lady, she’s such a sweet little dog.

4 Generations
My grandpa, Uncle, Cousin and my cousin’s son. 4 generations plus Grandpa’s dog Lady.

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