New Furniture Day

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When I was an RD the first thing I ever bought for myself was a couch. I went to Sears and picked out a green couch with a southwest looking set of pillows. I loved sleeping on that couch and I loved having it, it was so comfortable. Then it got old, it broke and wasn’t as comfortable. I moved it from apartment to apartment all over Saint A’s and then brought it back home with me to my apartment/condo at my parent’s house. Then Allison moved in and we got her couch which was white with flowers. They didn’t match at all and when Allison’s parents moved to Florida we got their old sofa and loveseat. They served us very well for many years but they got very worn out and we were practically sitting on the floor. We discussed getting new furniture once we moved and we finally saved up enough to get a new couch and loveseat. We got them at Bob’s Discount Furniture. The very cool thing about these pieces is that they have pull out drawers underneath. We can now store things like blankets and various other things that we occasionally need in those drawers.

My Dad came by this morning early to help me move out the other couch and loveseat. By the time we got them moved out (which was quick) it started to rain. Then it began to pour just after the couches got into the garage. We’ll put them both out on Sunday morning for pickup on Monday morning but I suspect that someone will come by and pick them both up.

The Bob’s deliver guys showed up 5 minutes before the 3 hour window that we had been given. I was really impressed by that. They brought in the furniture in the pouring rain and set it up quickly. These guys were very good and even chit chatted with Eva as she is fond of asking questions to everyone.

We enjoyed some family time and I even got a nice little nap on the new couch too.

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