New Office Decor

New Poster and Bulletin Board
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00072

I finally took down the big poster full of things like box covers and stickers and such in favor of a Marvel lenticular poster that features Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron-Man and Wolverine. I found it at Wild Time Comics. A great find. Bought it and had Allison and the kids give it to me for Christmas.

The other thing I hung up was a bulletin board that Tar was getting rid of. I’ve been meaning to put up my pins that I have been collecting from the various places I have visited but my Disney, Marvel Collector Corps and Loot Crate pins. I have to get to a box in the garage and find my Harley Davidson pins as well. I hope that once I have all of them on the bulletin board that the Command Strips keep a tight grip on them. I did all this while getting the room cleaned out enough so that I could start using my new Green Screen.

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