New Star Trek Movie

Button adI don’t know about you but I am very excited about the Star Trek Movie Launch. I’ve watched the trailer about a dozen times and I am amped to see a great adventure action movie. J.J. Abrams keeps me on the edge of my seat every Wednesday with Lost and I am sure he will not disappoint with Star Trek. Also Zachary Quinto, Sylar of Heroes, is going to be amazing as Spock. That is reason enough to go.

I have $20 in Fandango cash and I’ll be using it to see this movie when it beams into theaters on May 8.

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6 thoughts on “New Star Trek Movie”

  1. Karen,
    Once I started seeing trailers for this I got more excited about it. I was already excited about some of the actors like Simon Peg. Last night Allison and I were watching the DVR and stopped on the trailer. We were both agreed that this looked like a good movie to see.

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