New Work(Out) Space

Photo-A-Day #2716

My treadmill arrived today. It was scheduled from 7:45am-9:45am for deliver and the truck pulled up at 7:36am. I’m so impressed with the promptness of Sears and Bob’s Stores. Both times I’ve received my ordered items just before my window, it has been great! What is better is that the treadmill that I ordered actually fit down the stairs. Two guys brought it in and they had it set up and running in about fifteen minutes. It was then time for me to build my TrekDesk.

The TrekDesk went together very easily. I do wish that I had charged the power drill though because there were many, many screws to put in on the support bars beneath the desk. But that was the only thing that took a while. I was able to put the whole thing together with a manual screwdriver and it did not take very long at all. Putting the TrekDesk in place was also easy and then I adjusted it up and down till it felt right. There are 10 levels of adjustment on the legs and it can work with very tall people to people shorter than me. I have my sides set to level 3 and I might be able to drop it down one more time to level 2. I do need to really work on it a couple times to get the best idea of what level I should have the TrekDesk set at.

I used the desk for about twenty minutes and discovered a few things: I should have gotten water, I need to get new shoes, I should have been wearing shorts and I should have opened the windows for a little cross breeze. I also am looking to possibly reformat the computer because it still has the problem when it boots up. The computer is not wi-fi enabled so I could not get online. Instead of working online I decided to look over the computer and see what I could remove off the computer. I picked up range extender tonight at Walmart and will use that to boost the signal in the basement as well as to connect the desktop. After all of this I might very well decide not to use the desktop at all and use the laptop instead. We’ll see.

I’ve got a few plans for the space though. A wall will be going up to cover the wall that is already there. I’ll be mounting a 52″ TV onto that wall and then get rid of the monitor that I’m using. I should be able to connect my computer directly to that TV and use that as the monitor. This will make it easier to get to the treadmill controls and free up more space on the TrekDesk desktop. I’d also like to paint the floor and remove the workbench to the right of the TrekDesk. I’m excited about this and I’ll start working out on this setup on Monday and will be using it for early morning blogging from 6am – 8am.

I’ll also figure out a webcam setup and host a Google + hangout to talk about the TrekDesk.

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