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New York Adventure to See The Kid Who Would Be King

Cake Shake Crazy

Photo-A-Day 2.0 – #00019

Eva and I were invited to New York City to participate in an experiential press event around the movie The Kid Who Would Be King. This movie is a modern take on the King Arthur legend. 20th Century Fox provided us with travel arrangements and a hotel plus meals for the event. So, this morning Eva and I caught a train out of the Providence Station and headed down to New York. The train ride was uneventful but fun. I had never been on solo trip with Eva. I’ve taken Andrew down twice when he was quite small but never solo with Eva. Never on an overnight together. It was an experience that we will both never forget.

When the train arrived at the station he had arranged to meet up with our friend Tessa from Mama’s Geeky and her daughter Ivy. We went up to Midtown Comics and met them there. We wandered the store a bit, caught up and the girls got to know each other a bit. Eva found a Captain Marvel comic book and some fun pins for her backpack. I simply enjoyed taking in the memory of our conversations about comic book heroes and which characters she likes most. She loves the X-Men and Storm is her favorite. However, we did not have the easiest time finding an appropriate Storm comic book for her. We’ll have to try another time. We caught a Lyft with Tesss and Ivy and headed to our hotel.

After Check in Eva wanted to take my gimbal and phone to make a livestream of the room. Here is that video.

After a little rest in the room we caught up with Tessa and Ivy again and walked from our hotel to The Black Tap. There we met up with our PR contacts and a bunch of other bloggers and their kids. We were there for dinner and some insanely large milkshakes. I could not wait to try them! We met up with our friends Adam and James and their kids. Eva and Adalyn took my gimbal and decided to make additional livestreams while at the Black Tap. Unfortunately the connection wasn’t great and so the video didn’t come out that good. They did have fun making the videos, however.

Oreo Shake

Once our shakes arrived all bets were off. They were crazy huge and packed with way too much sugar for one person. I think these could easily be split with a family of 3 or four. Eva made good work of her Cake shake and I did get to have a little bit of it. I drowned her cake and she wasn’t happy about that.

Our Enormous Shakes!

Our night was a great one. Good food and friends. Enough sugar to knock is all out for the long day tomorrow when we would view The Kid Who Would Be King and also meet the cast. Eva did make one more livestream before bed. That was after we got back to the hotel. We walked back with The Rock Father and Adalyn. We popped back out of the hotel and went to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar because Auntie Tara had sent us a gift card to experience the place. We were so stuffed with sugar from The Black Tap that we did not order anything but rather picked up gifts for the family.

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