No Cygnets in Sight

Photo-A-Day #1894

We’ve got swans at work. The swans recently had cygnets. For the past couple of months there have been warning signs around the pond stating that the swans are aggressive, I took a walk around the pond and got the intimidation from the swans, when you can hear them power paddling up behind you it is intimidating. I figured I’d go for a walk today and try and get some shots of the cygnets. They are nowhere to be found. They weren’t out paddling around with their parents. I didn’t get too close however because as I got closer this swan perked up saw me and beelined it to the side of the pond closest to me. I got the message loud and clear.

The next few weeks are gearing up to be very, very exciting. This weekend Allison, Eva and I are traveling to the Cape for my cousin Erin’s wedding. I am the photographer for the wedding and I am so excited.

And in less than two weeks I am headed to Park City Utah for the Evo’10 Conference. While there I’ll be speaking on a Dad Blogger panel. There are going to be some great events while there. I was even asked (via Twitter even) to attend a VIP dinner at Spruce at the Waldorf Astoria Park City. Now I guess I’m going to have to pack something a little more fancy. Not that that would be a bad thing.

Photo Information

Date Taken: June 15, 2010
Camera: Nikon Corporation (Aff Link)
Model: NIKON D80 (My Flickr)
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/250sec
Aperture: 6.3
Focal Length: 250mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Aperture
Lens: Sigma 18-250mm

My latest post is now up at Blogging and the latest Geek Dads Weekly podcast is up over at Geek Dad’s Weekly. The latest podcast features me and Daniel M. Clark. This week I think we will have a special guest.

My friend and business coach Kim Ann Curtin has recently posted her packages for coaching on her site along with a great free gift just for signing up for her newsletter. The gift is 5 Simple, Yet Powerful Steps To Becoming a Networking Guru! I read through it today (I’m the one who added it to her newsletter sign up because I am her blog consultant.)

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3 thoughts on “No Cygnets in Sight”

  1. Since Speedy passed away,I have been feeding the ducks at Hager Pond in Marlborough by the Wayside country store. There are tons of Geese there(hate them , try not to feed them) 4 Mute swans with 6 babies ( they know me and if they see me come right over. I have a trick). Amongst all the mallards there are also 2 flocks of domesticated ducks. They are probably left over from the petting zoo they got rid of a long time ago or somebody abandoned them . One group has a leader, Hamlet, that runs over to my car as soon as he sees it. He chases all the other wild ducks away while his flock eats Hamlet is a Swedish duck like speedy was and there are 4 buff ducks in his group. I try to educate the people and tell them it is just as cheap to buy a bag of cracked corn as a loaf of bread . I also explain to them although cracked corn is not the best food it is better than bread which can actually kill ducklings, goslings and cygnets.
    I may ask the store if I can put up some signs to educate people.
    If you are gonna feed the swans at work get a bag of cracked corn from the bird section at your store or better yet if there is a Tractor Supply Co. store near you 50lbs for 7 bucks.
    okay that was a bit of a Rant but I do love the ducks.

    1. Lenny,
      Oh I am not even thinking of feeding them, no way at all. I just wanted to get some photos. I shot these from the top of the parking garage. I do not want a swan pissed at me.

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