North Attleboro Santa Parade 2009

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Today was the annual North Attleboro Santa Parade. This parade is put on by the Downtown Associates of North Attleborough, DANA. Each year many schools, dance studios and businesses participate in the parade and each year Allison and I go to see it. Last year was rainy and cold but we went never-the-less. This year the weather was great and we had a nice time. We stood with Allison’s friend Jodi and her family. Her daughters played with Eva and even picked up some of the candy tossed their way and gave it to Eva. Eva made out pretty good on the whole deal.

Overall the parade was a good time. I get really annoyed when people crowd the streets and make it difficult for the people in the parade to make their way by. This year more so than any other year I saw tons of cars parked on the street. People purposefully parked their cars and trucks along the street on the parade route so they could sit in the truck beds and get a good view. That’s crap. Those streets should have been completely cleared and a temporary parking ban in effect. I can’t remember another parade with cars all along the street. Despite that Eva enjoyed the parade very much. She high-fived, Tigger, Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Big Bird and Elmo, pretty much her top five characters. She caught a couple of lollipops and held tightly to those the entire time. She kept trying to pick up more candy with her hands already full. Later when a little boy ran over and gave her a small inflatable ball that looked like the “Have A Nice Day” Smiley she added that to her armful of stuff. It was cute watching her enjoying the parade.

North Attleboro Santa Parade 2009

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We walked home from the parade with my parents. They had just gotten back from my sister Tara’s place in NH. They had the family Christmas Tree in the truck. Dad showed Eva the Tree.

Bennett Christmas Tree 2009

After the parade we had our good friends Neil and Andrea over for Dinner. Andrea is a photographer who specializes in photos of sailboats. She’s based in Monument Beach each summer and takes some fantastic shots. If you love sailing or dream of being out on the water Andrea’s photos will make you long for the ocean even more. She’s a fantastic photographer.

Neil is my best friend and also the Best Man at my wedding. He’s also our insurance agent and Allison’s part time boss. Neil also helps to organize the Santa Parade, something his father Ed before him did for years.

Allison made up a beef stew that was delicious. The meat completely melted in our mouths and was cooked perfectly. We enjoyed our dinner and saved some room for dessert because Andrea made some scrumptious apple cakes with brown sugar and ginger snaps ice cream. It was nice to have them over for a great meal, conversation and laughs. Andrea took this cute photo of Eva with her new Stuffed Cat from the book “If You Give A Cat A Cupcake”.

If You Give A Cat A Cupcake

She has a great eye doesn’t she?

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5 thoughts on “North Attleboro Santa Parade 2009”

  1. My family was on the float that featured the children dressed in Christmas packages – You did publish one photo, but I wondered if you had more photos of them? My niece’s camera wasn’t working and we didn’t get any photos of her children in their “packages” on the float.
    Great pics, by the way! It was a good parade.

    1. Sandra,

      I will check, I took a few of that float, great gift costumes by the way. I’m not sure if the others came out that well but I will see what I have. I’ll upload a high res photo and you can download it directly from my flickr account.

      1. Thank you – If you have any of the children, I’d be happy to pay for the pics if you will tell me the cost.

        1. Sandra,

          I’ll send them to you right away, no payment needed, however if you ever want a portrait photographer who makes house or location calls keep me in mind. 🙂

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