Not A Sad Dwarf

Photo-A-Day #2471

The title today comes from a Tweet that Chris Sorel posted about a photo of Andrew the other day. He said that the stripes on my sad little monkey made him look like a sad dwarf. So today I saw a Dwarf LEGO minifig on a desk and had to take the photo, mostly because I like the look of the guy.

Wanted to congratulate my Geek Dads Weekly co-host Daniel M. Clark on becoming the Emcee for Affiliate Summit East 2012. This is an amazing opportunity for him and well deserved. If you are an affiliate marketer you’ve got to listen to his show Inside Internet Marketing. He’s had lots of guests and is a very good interviewer. He’s going to do a fantastic job.

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2 thoughts on “Not A Sad Dwarf”

    1. Daniel,

      There are some great things for us to talk about this week. I saw that The HUB will soon be showing the Super Hero Squad show. I know how you like Marvel Superheroes. Oh and my Skylander obsession has gotten worse.

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