Now We Start the Real Move

Photo-A-Day #2299

When I got home today I went over to the new house to see the way the floors turned out. I was really happy with them. They look beautiful. This was a good decision for us to make, to have them done. I added new photos to the New House Set on Flickr.

Dad and I put the doors back on the rooms. We also measured the closets and decided what we needed to organize those closets. We also measured the windows for new shades.

I took all of this information with me to Lowe’s because I had some big shopping to do. Closet gear, fans, shades and more. When I went to get the shades done I told the woman making them that they need to be 29 3/8″ wood to wood. She repeated back to me 29 3/4″. I reiterated that they needed to be 29 3/8″. She cut them all and I picked up everything else.

I brought things back to the house and met up with Allison, Eva and our friends T.R. and Michael. We went to Bliss Bros. Dairy for lunch. It was a very nice time and we had fun catching up with them. Thanks for lunch guys.

I went back to the house and brought in the purchases and saw the progress that the two ladies had made in cleaning the house. the did all of the upstairs and the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. Things are starting to come together and tomorrow we’ll start by moving the books over tomorrow. And boy do we have a ton of books. :-). This will give us the opportunity to reuse the boxes and then pack up the kitchen and move that over too.

Dad came back over to the house and we looked at the shades. They were off by an inch. The woman who cut them didn’t listen to me and she cut them wrong after all. So we ran back to Lowe’s, returned the wrong ones and got new ones cut to the correct length. I was sort of expecting a hassle but it worked out fine.

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  1. Hey Drew,

    The floors look amazing!! Love that color..been wanting to change my own floors over to wood from laminate. I need to get those!

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