Number One on Santa’s List

Photo-A-Day #1715

Eva sporting a shirt from Auntie Shelby. Fitting that she was wearing this shirt today since today was the day that Eva watched the message from Santa that I sent to Allison. I think Eva watched this message about a dozen times. I used the Portable North Pole communicator to create the message.

This free application allows you to send your child a personalized video message from Santa. The fun thing is that Santa will mention your child’s name, age, the gift that she asked for and many other exciting details! There is also a « grown-up » version also allows you to send messages to your family and friends. A must-see! Here is the video I took of Eva watching the video message from Santa. She loved interacting with it. She’d hold up 2 fingers when Santa would say that she was 2 years old and she’d touch her hair when Santa said she had blonde hair. She really enjoyed it. If you have kids who believe this is a must send message. They will love it.

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