On the Water

On the Water
Photo-A-Day #1284

Today I took a little break from working at home to go to the Turner Reservoir for a paddle with some people from various Rhode Island Kayaking groups including The Ten Mile River Watershed Council, Rhode Islands Blueways and Rhode Island Canoe/Kayak Association. I had a really nice time but couldn’t stay long. Last paddle of the season. Just in time I finished Episode #5 of The Wired Kayaker yesterday.

I’ve been working on my blogs lately. I’ve gone and moved everything over to WordPress hosted on my godaddy account. I decided to upgrade that account because economically it made the most sense to spend a little more on something I was already using with success than to switch to something unknown. With the switch there will be some changes. The Wired Kayaker is getting a complete makeover courtesy of Scott Allen and IZEA (for choosing me to get the makeover and helping me find someone to code the makeover). This blog will continue to do its thing. Read to Me, Dad will continue to do its thing too. Google is Not God will get a theme eventually and then the newest blog (still a secret) has a lot of work that needs to be done to it.

I should wrap things up as I am headed to California for the next two days for the Nokia Productions Movie. Make sure you are following me for special updates.

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