Our Decorating is Done

Photo-A-Day #3177

The kids decorated their Christmas trees tonight. Eva did hers on her own with some help from Allison. I helped Andrew with his. He would hold an ornament and then hand it to me and point and say, “there go!” He was proud of his work. Andrew’s tree is a bit light on actual ornaments of significance. He has a bunch of indestructible glass-like balls on the tree and a few Hallmark ones that he’d gotten so far. We get each kid a new Hallmark ornament each year to add to their trees. This year Eva got Rapunzel and Andrew got Charlie Brown with the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Eva announced to us that she no longer likes Toy Story. I don’t know why she no longer likes it. Getting explanations of things is like pulling teeth with her lately. I hope that she won’t be too disappointed with the Toy Story play set for Disney Infinity come Christmas morning. Because that is one of the things she’s getting, plus Woody. I know that she wants Rapunzel and Vanellope but she’ll get those once they are no longer exclusives and I can order them through the Disney Store. (Disney Credit Card points).

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2 thoughts on “Our Decorating is Done”

  1. I love this tradition you guys do with the kids. It’s so sweet! I’m sad about Eva and Toy Story-though I’m sure it’s just a phase. She’s a very smart and mature kid…perhaps she’s thinking along the same lines as we are which is growing up is for the birds!! Haha!

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