Our Elf on the Shelf Thinks I have a Skylanders Problem

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Today Fitzy landed one of the Skylanders boxes. Why do we have more than two Skylanders boxes you ask? Because we (I mean I) have a system for upgrading the Skylanders figures. Hang on this might get a little geeky. If you are not a Skylanders fan than you might not want to stick around. If you are I put my upgrading techniques in the remainder of the post.

I’ve been trying to get every single one of our Skylanders figures completely upgraded. This means every single figure needs to have every single upgrade purchased and every single Heroic Challenge has been completed for both Spyro’s Adventure and Giants. In Spyro’s Adventure there are 32 Heroic Challenges and in Giants there are 13 of them that I’ve unlocked so far. Five of them are the same as the ones from Spyro’s Adventure and eight of them are from the new figures that I’ve opened from Giants. While upgrading all of them I realized something… I have a ton of Skylanders. What’s more there are a ton in the basement that are going to be wrapped for Christmas. Skylanders figures are the only things that Eva has asked for for Christmas. Thank goodness I got everything that she asked for which was only two figures.

I’ve pretty much upgraded every single one of the figures and done every heroic challenge for every figures except for those figures in the bottom box. The figures in the bottom box need to complete the Pop Fizz Heroic Challenge called The Sky is Falling. The reason I’m working on all of them to get them upgraded is because of the oncoming onslaught of new figures that will be opened. If we open them one at a time it might be easier to complete the challenges with every existing figure. Here’s what I do.

I open a figure. If it is a series two figure that works in both Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants I start them off in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. I have them do the heroic challenges of Break the Cats, Save the Purple Chompies, You Break it, You Buy it and Lobs of Fun. I do this before I upgrade the figures at all because these challenges require precision and as figures get upgraded their attacks blast out in wider areas and end up taking out the things you don’t want to destroy. However, after I do these challenges I then take the character to the Lair of Kaos and get as many coins as I can so that I can upgrade the figures. What I should also do is throw on the Treasure chest so that each time I complete the level I get an additional 300 coins. Why haven’t I been doing that, ugh. Well, I’ll be doing that in the future. I also make sure that if I am using a Series 2 figure I also get an additional 5000 coins after fully upgrading the character in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. This gives me enough money to buy the Wow Pow for the figure in Skylanders: Giants. I don’t get enough coins so that they can fully upgrade both paths, at least not yet.

Once I have fully upgraded the character in Spyro’s Adventure I complete the remaining Heroic Challenges from Giants. If the figure only works in Giants I do the heroic challenges with them and then play them a bit in the game. Completely upgraded figures go in one box so I know who still needs upgrades.

So I guess Fitzy had the right idea to make me slow down my crazy Skylanders upgrading obsession.

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