Our Night at Passim….

Last night Allison and I along with Tara and Chris went to see Ellis Paul, Don Conoscenti, Christopher Williams and Special guest Vance Gilbert at the Annual New Year’s Eve shows at Club Passim. Tara got her usual spot which is front row table, she has had that table for 5 years. We have been lucky enough to get to go for 3 or 4 of those years. We determined on the way in that Tara has been following Ellis Paul’s music for 14 years now. Since she was in High School. Tara introduced me to Ellis’ music in 1994 at a small show in Woods Hole at a chapel overlooking a harbor. I don’t think I can remember how many times I have seen Ellis in the past 12 years. But I do know that each show has been great. Allison was introduced to Ellis when we began dating. So she has been a fan for 5 years at least. We were also very excited to see that Christopher Williams would be playing with Ellis and so would Don Conoscenti. When the three guys get together it is an energized and funny evening of great music. We also got the added treat of Vance Gilbert popping in to lend his voice (and some lyrics) to a couple of songs.

The guys even made it into the crowd for a couple of songs. They were thrown scarves and hats and stuff from the people in the audience. It all started with a rather flamboyent woman seated near us. Do they sit anywhere else, nope, they do not. This lady had this flashy shawl on and when Ellis saw it said something like, I feel underdressed and she immediately took it off so he could wear it. And from there other people gave things to Christopher and Don. I got pictures.

I took a few pictures of the show and have uploaded them to buzznet. Here is a thumbnail of one of the images. Just click to go to the buzznet gallery.

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com

The whole evening was awesome. I did not keep a running list of the songs that were played like the concert back on October 1, 2005 at Tupelo’s. I had no writing material and typing on my treo all evening would have been very distracting. So I enjoyed the show and just let being there be just what I needed. Ellis did play my favorite song which is 3000 Miles and I am also partial to Martyr’s Lounge. And Alice’s Champagne Palace was also played and he even played the Christmas song with the up side down armadillo in it. You can get it at Itunes.

After the show we caught up with Erik and went to John Harvard’s. And one of these times someone is gonna let me pick up the check.

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