Out on the Lawn

Out on the Lawn
Photo-A-Day #1353

Eva and her pal Duncan take a look into the back yard to see what is going on. What was going on was a ton of snow and later rain in our area. And now it has turned cold again. I wonder if this white stuff will stick around for Christmas.

So today was pretty much a snowed in day. I was up early to greet the milk man because we placed a large order for the week and they needed to bring two milk crates to the door, our box holds one crate. So, since I was up I caught up to date with all the Legend of the Seeker episodes. The show is cheesy and the characters are not as interesting as Hercules or Xena but I’m giving it a chance. Speaking of TV I became a fan of a ton of my favorite TV shows, on FaceBook. There are quite a few repeats.

You may have caught my post below titled Help Stock Eva’s Farm. We’re looking for other bloggers who’d like to help with stock Eva’s farm by donating to Heifer International towards animals for people in countries in need. If you haven’t read this post read it soon. Thanks.

Because today was such a lazy one we were able to wrap all our presents and we even put up Eva’s tree. She put on her special ornament from this year. It is a hallmark keepsake one with Snoopy and Woodstock and a snowman. She had fun putting it on and taking it off the tree. Here are some photos of Eva’s Tree.

Don’t forget to enter the Sears $100 gift card contest. And I’m not the only one giving Sears gift cards away, there are many other people doing it too.

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