Photo-A-Day #1000!!!

Photo-A-Day #1000

Today is the 1000th consecutive day that I have taken and posted a photo to my blog. You can go all the way back to Day one on April 9, 2005 when I started this strange journey of discovery. I owe a huge debt of thanks to Christopher Williams for the idea. It was because of his 2002 Photo-A-Day project that mine was born. I also owe a huge debt of thanks to all of my friends and family who didn’t know exactly what they were getting themselves into when I started this project. They have been subjected to and subjects of my camera in their face for such a long time.

I’ve done many things with Photo-A-Day over the years including creating a widget that people can put on their own blogs. I’ve posted the photo-a-day to Buzznet then to Flickr and also Zooomr. Now I take it, post it to Utterz and it goes right to Flickr. Flickr will be the new platform for Photo-A-Day in the coming year. I also took my 1st 500 photos and made them into large posters with 100 photos on each. They are not hanging in the house just yet but they did hang in my company art show.

For our honeymoon I was unable to get Internet access each day and you know, I didn’t even die from it. But while I was away I did take photos each day but I needed something up on my blog while I was gone so I had my friend Mo facilitate a guest photo-a-day week. I had nine photographers contribute and it was so much fun.

During the past 1000 days I have used many camera’s. And today’s Photo-A-Day is a reflection of the use of each of those. My workhorse had been the Sanyo Xacti C4 until it died. Then I moved on to the Canon SD800is and the Nikon D80. I wanted a video camera I had been using my Sanyo for The Wired Kayaker Podcasts so I needed to replace it. But then along came Eva and of course I needed a video camera to capture all of life’s moments with our amazing new child so I bought a Canon ZR850 video camera but it wasn’t waterproof and the other day I saw an offer I needed to jump on. Today my newest camera arrived. It is a Sanyo E1 underwater digital video camera. So The Wired Kayaker podcasts will begin anew.

Thanks so much to everyone for enjoying Photo-A-Day and all the great comments over the years. I truly appreciate all of them.

This is also going to be my entry in the Shoot Yourself project from Martin Grommel and Brian Auer. Here are the requirements to participate.


* Take a self portrait and include your camera in the frame.
* Post your photo on your photography blog or photoblog.
* OPTIONAL: Translate the project requirements to your blog’s native language and post it on your blog
* Go to the form at the bottom of this page and send me your name, email (kept private), and link to your project entry.

Now, I realize that not everybody has a photography blog that they can post to, so this project will also be open to those with Flickr or Zooomr accounts (or any others that you might use). Just send me the link to the page with your photo!

Whew! I made it in just under the wire.

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23 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #1000!!!”

  1. whoah! that looks like Shiva. Hahahaha a thousand arms on your thousand day!

    weee, Congratulations! As what Koreans said, “Chukha Hamnida!”

    I hope to see more of you for the next thousands of days.

    😀 cheers cheers

  2. Thanks Lad Madriga,
    I appreciate the language lesson, good to know that. I will be around for at least another 1000. I kinda thought of Shiva after I saw this too. But instead of Swords my weapon of choice is a camera.

  3. Thanks Dad,
    Right now I think the arms come in more handy for diaper changes, washing dishes and doing laundry. If only they were used for BBQing ribs, drinking a six pack and playing Wii that would be better.

  4. I tried commenting on this yesterday multiple times, but to no avail. But what I was trying to comment, was that I thought your photo was great, as I said on flickr, but that I am excited to be a reader of your blog this year. Oh and you deserve huge thanks, for the contest link, I hadn’t known about it before your blog. 🙂

  5. Thanks Chica, the shoot yourself thing isn’t a contest but rather a way for photographers to show off who they are. Yesterday my blog had some issues, glad you could comment today. Thanks for being one of my faithful readers.

  6. I’m a day late-but congratulations!!!! That’s a fantastic feat and I’m very proud of you!!!

    The picture freaks me out a bit…but I still think it’s amazing!!!


  7. What a great photo. It’s a shame there is no actual prize as I think you would win it based purely on ingenuity! People creativity never ceases to amaze me! Now, I only wish I had so many hands!!!

  8. Thank you Claire,
    Maybe I can enter this sometime in a contest but It was mostly about a fun photo showing how into Photography I am. Glad you liked it.

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