“I’m Kind of a Big Deal”… PAD #1031

"I'm Kind of a Big Deal"... PAD #1031

I took this photo during the game before things all went to heck. I really thought that the Pats would pull it off but as the game wore on it just wasn’t meant to be. And I didn’t even let Eva wear the hat from Karen yet, now that the Super Bowl is over she can wear it all she wants. Eva did look cute in her Tom Brady onesie and pats bib though.

The title of this one doesn’t exactly go with the top photo but rather about the one below. You see I won the shirt that says “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” from a contest at FuelMyBlog and snorgtees. Actually a few of my blogs won shirts but I only got one in the mail. I laughed at the shirt because, let’s face it, I am in no way any sort of Big Deal. And to prove it, after I put it on I had to give Eva a diaper change, I thought to myself. This is funny because if I was a Big Deal I probably wouldn’t be a diaper changing dad. I thought, this would be a funny picture depicting just how big a deal I am but no one wants to see me changing diapers. But I still needed a photo for Kevin to put in the FuelMyBlog collage of photos of the winners and their big deal shirts.

Eva did want to let the world know what a big deal her daddy is so as the Super Bowl went on and she got fussy I was holding her, rocking her and making her laugh. Then she puked on me, on my new shirt. And I thought, yes, this is exactly what me wearing a “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” shirt is all about. So Mom snapped our photo. Just look at the expression on Eva’s face. She is tickled by her work.

"I'm Kind of a Big Deal" Yeah Right!

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16 thoughts on ““I’m Kind of a Big Deal”… PAD #1031”

  1. Eva is soooooo cute! Drew, that photo had me ON THE FLOOR laughing. You know I remember the pukey days well. My last one (#6 kid now age 3), spit-up constantly. this picture is priceless! Blue Ribbon Bloggers just asked us all to post a “funny” to give us all a laugh. You gotta go post this over there too.

  2. I know it’s blasphemy, but I’m glad the Giants won.

    Love the “big deal” shirt and how Eva took any possiblity of having an ego fit the statement it has emblazoned on it right down into perspective.

    Tell Eva she’s going to grow up and be an awesome lady!


  3. Thanks Paula. I could post that there as well. I’ve seen the reminders and I will post this photo there. Also I appreciate you stopping by to leave a comment.

  4. Hi Margaret,

    Eva sure did put things in perspective. I think that photo is about the only way I could get away with wearing the shirt. Just for the irony.

  5. Thanks Jennifer. I thought is was appropriate given the state of things and it even fit with the Super Bowl. While I wish they had won the second photo lets us all know that we need to be put in our place once in a while.

  6. I’m quite sure of that Dad. Very very sure that she’ll remind me all the time that She is the “Big Deal” and not me. But that is fine, she is a big deal.

  7. Whoops, sorry. Pasted the wrong website in the field in my last post. Feel free to delete it. Again, sorry bout them pats. I was hoping to witness history in my lifetime. Eva looks cute in the jersey at least!

  8. No problem John, I just posted this comment and not the other one. It is too bad they lost, a history making night would have been awesome. One of my friends put the loss this way. “Great, now my favorite team’s year has been reduced to a trivia question.” And thank you, Eva certainly is a cutie in her jersey.

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