On the Horizon… PAD #1033

Today is both Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday. There are so many things out there on the horizon. Spring Training for our Red Sox is on the horizon. The Lenten season is on the horizon. Elections are also on the horizon. And Allison and I have a vacation on the horizon. And during that vacation I am making a very special stop at a very special place. More as plans firm up. The sky after I voted looked promising. Let us hope that there are good things to come.

I’m home with Eva tonight as Allison is downtown at knitting class. Lately Eva has been screaming bloody murder each night. So I’ve rocked her, burped her, changed her, bathed her and then just let her scream for a long time. I went and made her a bottle, she is eating so much more now. And I come back in the room take her out of her swing and lay her on her boppy (it is for feeding). I try burping her and she screams louder, I lay her back down and give her a pacifier. I rub her tummy and talk to her, she continues to scream. The milk is about ready and she passed out asleep.

Sleeping Angel

Again she reminds me that she is the big deal around here.Mobile post sent by BenSpark using Utterz Replies.  mp3

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6 thoughts on “On the Horizon… PAD #1033”

  1. Have you checked to see if she’s possibly teething? Some babies teeth really early, it could be possible. My firstborn was colic as a baby could be, made me scared to have more, luckily my next two were mostly angels. 😀 Hope ya figure out how to soothe he when she gets like that, I know how draining it could be for a parent.

  2. We’ve been checking on the teeth but the thing that soothes her is more to eat. She is now up to 6+ ounces a feeding. She’s only been doing the major screaming thing the past two nights. We have a well baby visit on Thursday so we can talk with our pediatrician and see if he has any insight. Thank for the tips and the empathy.

  3. I didn’t realize that you were a baseball fan. And you are a Sox fan, right? I would think that you would be as you are also a Pats fan. Sorry about you having to do that video, that must have sucked.

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