Cool Blue… PAD #1079

Cool Blue... PAD #1079

Since I am only home for a couple of days before I head out on another big trip I wanted to do something with Allison and Eva. I absolutely love going to the Capron Park Zoo in Attleboro. The zoo had a brand new exhibit on Dart Frogs. There were blue ones and black and green ones. Allison pointed out the exhibit to me and I am glad that she did because these little guys were awesome. I was psyched to photograph them for today’s Photo-A-Day.

Also at the zoo there are many enrichment items for the animals. There are signs that say “Why is there Junk in the animal’s enclosure?”. The “junk” could be plastic bottles and even old basketballs as we saw with the lions.

We started with the river otters and they were doing their usual backflips all over the place. Then we moved on to the Ocelots but they were sleeping. The Llamas were standing in line waiting to go inside. The Chinese bear was sleeping and so were the snow leopards. The baboons don’t hold my interest and my favorite enclosure is the lion one. But I looked in and the lions were hanging toward the back of the enclosure and I figured that they were sleeping. So I took a couple of shots and went over to an enclosure with wild pigs and then one with cranes and muntjaks. I returned to lion enclosure to see that the two lions were playing with old basketballs. I stayed there for quite a while taking photos.

The inside enclosures with the Meerkats didn’t prove good for photos today. I have no idea why. And then it was on to the rain forest habitat. There were a few additions including a new Dart Frog habitat. I shot a bunch of them too. The rest of the rain forest was pretty sedate today but I also got some photos of the birds. Here is the latest Capron Park Zoo set.

Pretty quiet day today. I wrote my latest Guest post for IZEA and played around with my Golden Ticket. And I got very frustrated playing Guitar Hero 3 on medium because I can’t get the muscle memory down.

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12 thoughts on “Cool Blue… PAD #1079”

  1. The Frog did all the work. I was just positioned in the right spot at the right time. I love going to zoos to take photos. I read a great article about shooting in zoos and how to make it less zoo-like. I still get some zoo elements in the shot but try for the most part to make sure they are not in the shot.

  2. Mo,
    Sure if you want to get poisoned, by all means. They certainly are cute looking but deadly. But yes, they are less trouble than cats.

  3. No, the poisoning would not be cool. I’d expect you to take it to the vet or the local zoologist/poison frog expert and have it “de-poisoned.” Seriously, giving poison gifts is just ripping off Snow White…and you’re better than that:)

    Mo’s last blog post..Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  4. Drew, FANTASTIC photos from the zoo. It’s been along time since Mom and I have been to Capron Park. We took you and you sisters there when you were young, that was a while ago. Now we can take Eva sometime.

  5. Thanks Dad,
    It has certainly been a long time. Things have changed around there. Nice changes. More animals, better restroom facilities and a new duckpond is underway. You can take Eva to the zoo anytime as we have a pass. Next year we will have to get a grandparent’s pass. But this year you can pass as me.

  6. I love this little guy! When I started liking frogs a few years ago, probably after seeing a picture much like this, it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill frog I liked. Nope. I like these bright colored poisonous ones. They are amazing. You captured this one well.

  7. Thanks Anna, this type of frog makes me want to take more frog shots. I like the poisonous ones too, they are much more colorful.

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