Split Decision… PAD #1093

Split Decision... PAD #1093

Today was a rainy one around these parts. We had a nice lazy morning. I began working on my latest guest post for IZEA. I also set up the Socialcardsters blogroll. It is a blogroll of Social Spark users who are also Entrecard users. I’ve been visiting each blogger’s blogs and compiling the list, there are 53 or 54 so far. As new people are added to Social Spark I will add to the list.

Today was also a very very happy day. Today we took out the Amazing Animals for Eva to play with. These are Fisher Price toys that I have been buying since before she was born. Now that she can sit up and grasp things she has found the toys interesting. I spent some time with her on the floor today telling her colors and animal names. It was so much fun. Here is a photo from that time.

Eva's Amazing Animals

The three of us went for a nice long walk. She’s now sitting in the stroller proper and not just the baby carry seat.

Look who is out of the car carrier seat...

We had a very nice time and up by the farms I saw this fence post that has begun to split through the middle. I tried a few different shots and decided upon this one. The tree in the background looks fake though. Each shot in this manner came out the same way with the tree in the background looking fake. Oh well, another shot for the April Challenge. I do like the way this looked. I took a bunch of photos of entropy but decided I liked this one best.

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12 thoughts on “Split Decision… PAD #1093”

  1. I just had a conversation with my little sister this week. Her 7 month old is too big for her bucket seat (the car carrier) and they had to go get a convertible car seat.

    alli’s last blog post..Revolt

  2. We will have to get a convertible car seat rather soon as well. Eva just keeps growing longer. She is so tall these days. She just amazes me.

  3. Mo, I have been grooming her to not be camera shy. She recognizes the camera a little more each time I take photos of her and while she has yet to give me a smile just because I have the camera she does tend to look at it more.

    I included the other tree too offset the look of the post. I had tried to get the other tree between the split it in the post but it didn’t look right.

  4. Mr. Fab,
    There are a couple of giraffes, one with the train and one with the ark. Yeah I got every amazing animal as it came out and put it away for Eva. So glad she is old enough to play with them now.

  5. That shot of the split fence post is fantastic. Looking at the right side I see Some sort of fish or animal head with an eye. Maybe you should start some sort of thing where people could tell what they see in a picture. Eva is on her way to doing many new things, we will have to start picking up and tying things down.

  6. Did you try framing the tree in the background in the gap caused by the split fence that would have looked cool.
    I also see that you used a appature of f4.5 if you used a smaller appature it would have given you a longer DOF and brough the tree into focus more.

    Cool picture though the post is cool the backgroound is sort of irrelavant for me. It neither adds or detracts

    Stephen’s last blog post..My A needs to trust people more

  7. Hi Kasper,

    Are we friends on SocialSpark, send me a friend request or I’ll send you one as well and I’ll be adding you to the Socialcardsters. Thanks for letting me know about your blogs.

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