Entropy began 10/10/07… PAD #1094

Entropy began 10/10/07... PAD #1094

Trying to keep the house clean with a small child is certainly a lesson in futility. Each time we get one thing cleaned up it gets messed back up again. And now that she’s getting closer to mobility it is only going to get harder. I’m sure I am not telling anyone anything new.

Allison and I had a nice day today. We had church and signed up to be part of the church team for the Relay for Life this year. There was also a little bake sale fund raiser after mass so we bought a few cookies. Later we had lunch at Piccadilly Pub. I won a Prime Pic burger online and wanted to use the coupon before it expired. The Prime Pic burger was okay, it has a secret horseradish based sauce on it and applewood bacon. We also got a Chipotle Bacon burger. Because we got two burgers we split them down the middle so we could each have half. That worked out really well.

Multi-Burgers at the Pic.

After lunch we headed to BJ’s because we had a 60 day free trial coupon. We made out pretty well, and by well I mean we didn’t buy a whole bunch of junk. We found that paper goods and cleaning supplies were worth purchasing. We’ve got 59 more days to decide if we want a full membership.

Bj's Haul“>

Tonight we are settling in to watch Oprah’s Big Give.

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4 thoughts on “Entropy began 10/10/07… PAD #1094”

  1. Wow, Eva will be six months old soon…how time does fly when you’re having fun! I know it’s all a lot of work, but I also know you’d not have it any other way.

    We found that a BJ’s membership wouldn’t be worth it for us…we get those things in the mail, too. I think you have to be flexible as to what products you are willing to buy and use. That’s hard for us, because Mike has allergies to perfumes and dyes in laundry and other cleaning products. We’ve not always been able to find the hypoallergenic items at any warehouse store on a regular basis. So we just stock up when we see our preferred brands on sale at one of the local supermarkets.

    But for many people, it is worth it. Everyone’s needs are different.

    Christine’s last blog post..I haven’t forgotten?

  2. I’m sorry to say that keeping up with the toy mess doesn’t get any easier as they get older! I recommend big bins and just throw everything in 🙂

    I watched Oprah’s Big Give, and wiped tears out of my eyes for the whole show. Watching Jada Pinkett Smith calling Hollywood executives and a guy from McDonalds and hearing them just automatically say how much money they could give, the trip to New York, the mortgage, the new truck-it was unbelievable. I hope you will keep us posted on how Mike is doing.

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  3. Elizabeth,
    Yeah the toys all over will be a constant struggle. But we’ll have to just keep working on it. I keep wiping away tears as well. The Machinski family journal is updated once in a while but when things come up I’ll post about them. Thanks for watching last night. Twittering about the show while it was on was fun.

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