The Last Shot… PAD #1105

The Last Shot... PAD #1105

30 Rock is on, so it is time to blog. I just can’t get into that show Anyway, today’s photo is of the camera that I learned on. This was my Father’s camera. It has been a workhorse for such a long time and while it still works there are some things that are missing. Part of the outer housing (decorative part) has fallen off. This camera now lives on our entertainment center with all the rest of the classic cameras.

I have an amazing opportunity coming my way in a few weeks. I can’t say much about it yet until it arrives but it is pretty sweet and I will certainly be fun to blog about.

After work Dad and I went down to a restaurant that has been doing free wings with a beer purchase for the month of April. Yeah, I’m just finding out about this. Unfortunately they were also cited for serving a minor but they didn’t. The drunk kid apparently entered the building, he wasn’t served and the place got cited and had to close for 2 days. Dang! I was craving wings today too.

I am also full of holes. I had a doctor’s appointment today and they had a very hard time getting blood from this stone. I had fasted and didn’t have enough water today and was a bit hydrated. So they finally got the blood from my hand. I don’t find getting stuck with a needle a big deal but I can’t watch the needle go in. And it doesn’t bother me much to be a pin cushion because the people who were working on getting blood were very professional and nice, it wasn’t their fault. I guess I can get pretty calm in those sorts of situations.

Eva started with 3 times a day of Rice Cereal, she’s doing pretty well with it so far.

And I wrote a guest blog post for IZEA’s Blog.Mobile post sent by BenSpark using Utterz Replies.  mp3

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10 thoughts on “The Last Shot… PAD #1105”

  1. Ooh Pentax, that’s pretty cool, I have the same brand, just a few years newer. đŸ˜‰

    That’s too bad about getting some blood work done, but luckily you had some good folk doing it. I have veins that like to roll or something, so it’s always awful getting my stuff done, but I don’t mind watching them do it.

    That’s great about Eva getting that Rice cereal in that much. With my critters, I couldn’t give them that stuff for nothing. It was almost bottle to table food right away with them.

  2. Sorry to hear about that doctor appointment. I have the same problem every time I go in. My veins are tiny, and practically invisible. They usually stick me several times in each arm and then end up taking the blood from my hand. And that hurts so much more, doesn’t it?

    Tish’s last blog post..A More Comfortable Blogging Experience

  3. Courtney,
    Yep, it was my 3 month A1C test. Yippee. Lipids and other stuff too. The techs were fun, we chatted a bit and because of my job I learned some more insight into things to demonstrate.

  4. Chica,

    I never notice that it hurts or anything as long as I don’t see it happen. My veins are usually great however I didn’t drink much water that morning and I was dehydrated, I meant to make sure I took care of that this time but I forgot.

    Eva is a pretty good eater but now we’ve gone to daily baths as she is also good at grabbing the spoon and adding her meal to her head.

    I loved using that camera.

  5. Tish,
    I have to admit, the hand does hurt a bit more. I do have a pretty good pain tolerance and all, and my patience has gotten much better over the years as well. This time was certainly my fault too for not drinking much that morning.

  6. Is that a Pentax K1000? I have one of those and the thing has been a tank. I retired it a couple years ago when I switched to a digital Point and Shoot. I loved my old Pentax so much though, that I bought one of their digital SLRs.

    Cromely’s last blog post..Shatner-Palooza: Crazy Biker

  7. You are correct, that is the exact model. I haven’t tried a Pentax DSLR but I bet they are pretty good. Their 35mm are awesome.

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