Pretty Bird.. PAD #1114

Pretty Bird.. PAD #1114

Today I spent the day with Eva, we went all over the place and she was wonderful. You can read about it at my blog Read To Me Dad. There is a beautiful picture of her there so it is well worth the trip over to visit.

I didn’t have much time throughout the day to do any blogging because I spent all the time with Eva but I did get to go and take a bunch of pictures when we went to the Zoo. You can see them at my latest Flickr Set.

Also I made a ‘Grilled’ Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich today, that is the post below this one so check that out.

And Today I took one of my favorite Entropy pictures for the April Challenge and that photo just happened to fit with the Photo Hunter’s theme this week, so enjoy that too.

It was a busy interesting day and I had a great time with Eva. I also picked up some of my latest comic books and I am off to read them now before Allison gets home so she can read them after me.

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