Providence By Water… PAD #1198

Providence By Water... PAD #1198

Today I paddled with a couple of groups from Rhode Island. Last year when I started doing my Wired Kayaker (podcasts) I was written about in the Sun Chronicle. At that time Keith Gonsalves from the Ten Mile River Watershed Council learned about me and he decided to contact me recently. He asked me to come along for a paddle that would recreate the last 7 miles of Roger William’s trip to Providence. I wrote about the whole day over on the Wired Kayaker. It was an awesome day.

I’m pretty wiped out and am gonna cut it short for the night. You can see all of m photos as well as the map of where I paddled today on my Roger Williams Paddle Flickr Set.

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2 thoughts on “Providence By Water… PAD #1198”

  1. Peterahon,
    The adventure was a great time. I had so much fun. You should get out and try kayaking, it is so much fun.

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