Couple’s Ski Trip – ’04

This past weekend Allison and I went to Derek’s parents’ cottage up in Woodstock, NH. We had a blast with Derek and Michelle and Neil and Andrea. Allison and I went up on Friday -taking a well deserved day out of work. One more week on the road then home for 4 WEEKS!!!!

On Friday Allison and I took a drive up the Kancamagus Highway (watch for frost heaves). And then we had a nice dinner at Truant’s Taverne (And I got 449 Airline miles too boot, Yeah!).

Derek and Michelle arrived first on Friday night around midnight or so and then Neil and Andrea arrived after that. Allison and I were already pretty much asleep but got up to welcome everyone as they arrived.

We decided to get out on the road the next morning at 8:00am or so. Early to bed early to rise. Once the morning sun was out I was up and at ’em to get breakfast put on the table for our hungry skiers and shoppers.

Bretton Woods was awesome. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining for part of the day and the conditions were good, plus there weren’t a lot of people and lift lines were short. Despite whatever Derek says about people.

That night the six of us went to The Woodstock Station. That was a great place. We were able to have a nice conversation before the meal arrived and a live band started once we were eating. They were pretty good, a little loud, but good. Enjoy the photos. Thanks for the great weekend guys.

Lovefest ’04 – The Wardrobe Malfunction

Drew’s Very Own Wardrobe Malfunction

This past Saturday night Lovefest ’04 took place up on Granite Hill at Alicia’s and sometimes Ken’s place. Like any true Lovefest there was plenty of food, fun and funky prizes.

Ken raided his mother’s house to provide some of the door prizes and the Tully’s house as well. Ken also produced a great sound show for the evening complete with videos and a dance contest.

The winner of course would win a date with the infamous Pouliuos. The dancers gave it their all but in the end Rich’s Kung-fu fighting style of dance won the hearts of all the crowd.

I’d like to thank Ken and Alicia for pulling this event, as well as pulling a large number of people, together.

Now that Allison and I live in North Attleboro it is so hard to get together with our friends like we used to. We miss you guys and were glad to get some time to spend with you. Till Lovefest ’05: The return of the Buddha.

If any lovefestians would like to provide me with captions, please send them to me.

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