Ellis at Stone Soup

Ticket to See Ellis Paul at Stone Soup

Last night Allison and I went to Stone Soup to see Ellis Paul. Rachel Davis opened for Ellis and she was quirky and fun. She had a good voice but I couldn’t always make out the words. We got her CD so we could listen to her more.

While waiting in line we met Audra and Patti.

Audra owns Mad Hatters Bakery in Newport. It is not on main street but you can get muffins there for half of what the main street shops get. So, if you find yourself over by the police station and homeless shelter in Newport look for Mad Hatters and grab your self a muffin and say hello to Audra. We’ll certainly be stopping by there when we get a chance to go to Newport.

Another chance meeting while at the concert was Steve Donohue from Saint A’s. Steve and I graduated together and worked at Saint A’s at the same time. He was in Admissions and I was in Public Relations and Residence Life. It was nice to see Steve and Kristen Skoglund, who is also a Saint A’s grad from the class of 1996. It is nice to find out that people are Ellis Paul fans and find out other folk singers that we should go and see.

I think we will be back at Stone Soup again real soon. And its wicked easy to get there from North Attleboro. About a 15 minute ride.

Oh yeah, the reason we were there, Ellis Paul. Last night Ellis Paul was a lot of fun. I felt that the show was even more of an intimate one than the other night at Club Passim. Not for nothing, but both shows were very good. I guess I just got more excited about this one because Ellis played ‘Roll Away Bed’ for us. It is a cute little song about sharing the sleeping arrangements with someone who, and I’m not naming any names, is an active sleeper.

Ellis also played ‘3000 miles’ which is my personal favorite song, especially with the travel that I do. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been living out of a suitcase for 14 days. And airplanes are nothing but buses with wings anyway, so it may as well say Greyhound on that American Airlines plane.

Can you tell that someone has missed Platinum status 2 years in a row and is a little miffed about it? But anyway, Ellis Paul was great, he invited Rachel Davis and a guitarist Brett, I think his name was, up to play on and unplugged rendition of ‘Let it Be’. What a fun evening.

Happy New Year!

Trivial Pursuit, The men are headed for the middle and victory!

This year Allison and I attended a very nice New Year’s Eve get together with our friends. The party was hosted by Derek and Michelle. Their friend Mike came and so did Derik and Sarah and Neil and Andrea. Michelle made a great Taco ring from the Pampered Chef line. It was very tasty. Derek burned our tongues to cinders with a couple drops of some cheese dip laced with some crazy hot, hot sauce (Dave’s Insanity Sauce). My taste buds were fried for a little while. I made two racks of pork ribs that had been in the crock pot slow cooking all day long. When the pieces were removed from the crock pot the bones fell right off the meat.

Coco gets close to the action, or at least the camera.

As Neil can attest to, because by the time he arrived the crock pot contained many bones and a mere hint of the meat that had been on them.

As the night continued we pulled out the 20th Anniversary Edition of Trivial Pursuit and took up the banners of guys vs. girls. Please note, that in a most sexist manner the boys took the blue piece and the ladies the pink. Also note that our pie was full. That’s what happens when you get five brains full of useless knowledge working in unison.