Announcement… We are Engaged!

This weekend Allison and I went to Maine to Moosehead Lake. We stayed at the Evergreen Lodge in Greenville, Maine. Population: 250, Moose Population: 2000. How many moose did we see? 0. Despite the lack of moose viewing we had a great time. Continue reading Announcement… We are Engaged!

La Caretta…

Last night Allison and I met up with Ken, Alicia and Patrick at La Caretta. It was great to catch up with those guys. I miss being up here. We were gonna see Mo too but she got the ick and couldn’t make it. Mo, we still gotta do the pub sometime.

The first two days in Marketing went well, I am looking forward to this new position. Can’t wait till I am up to speed with the rest of the group. Already I have learned about some cool features of the software that I never learned through Implementation.

Allison and I are about to get on the road to go to Moosehead Lake.