The Beef Log’s Long Lost Brother…

Home of the Beef Roll

Yes, this restaurant is the home of the “Beef Roll”. It is the long lost brother of the infamous Beef Log. I saw this sign the first time that I was in Sandwich, IL and I knew I had to get a photo. Well, months later I whipped out my camera while I drove by the place just so I could get this image and share it with you.

Now at this moment some of you are shaking your heads and wondering what the heck the fascination with the Beef Log is all about.

Well, last year I went skiing with Derek, Neil and Steve. Derek and I drove up later on Friday night while Neil and Steve went up early to get the place in order and claim the two remaining bedrooms “Great, now get out of my bedroom!” While Derek and I were riding up to the cottage he told me all about this Hickory Farms Beef Log that his mother had sent up with him for us to enjoy.

On Saturday while we watched the Superbowl and had a few (many) libations Derek asked Steve to cut a few pieces of the Beef Log. Steve proceeded to cut up the entire thing and put it on the plate. Yours truly was sleeping passed out on his bed couch. When the Beef Log was placed on the table in front of me I woke up and stated, “Man that thing smells like ass!”.

I then promptly passed back out. The Beef Log was then summarily tossed out (untouched). Thus the legend of the Beef Log was born.

Oh, and if you follow the link you will notice that it is not actually called a Beef Log but rather a Beef Stick. But who cares.

Rental Car Winshield Debacle

Window with Crack

Yes I’ve been a slacker. Been on the road so long that I forgot what timezone I actually live in. Couple of things to rant about. Car Rentals. Notice the picture I’ve posted.

That is the tiny chip on my windshield that Hertz is slamming me with some fees about. Some rock or something kicked up on the road and whacked the windshield. I guess it was somehow my fault that I didn’t swerve off a bridge to miss the rock. Arrgh!

Oh and Logan airport sucks. As usual. The worst airport I ever have to travel out of. Especially terminal B.

The LIVE visit this week is going rough and I’ve been up since 5:00CST. Need sleep. Need to be home. Need it to be March 13th. That is when I’ll be home for four weeks. So everyone I’ve been promising plans to do things with will have to collect during those weeks. Anyway when my thoughts are even slightly more coherent I will post more.

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