It’s Christmas Time in North Attleborough

Christmas Tree 2003

Yes, it is once again time for the jolly old elf to wedge his posterior down the chimney. Here at the apartment we are ready for the Christmas season. Take notice that the lower branches of the tree are practically bare. Could it be because of the cats? Allison just moved one of the couches and discovered the secret hiding place for the Jingle Balls that have disappeared from the tree.

The Holiday Marathon Madness is now upon us. We will be traveling up and down the New England Region to say hello and spread cheer to family far and wide. And if you thought saying it was tough, try doing it. We would like to wish you and your families a safe and Happy Holiday Season. And also we hope that you have enough Roast Beast and keep the Grinch at bay another year.

Oliver and Duncan’s 2nd Christmas

Oliver and Duncan, our cats.

Yes it has been over a year since we got Oliver and Duncan. These two little fuzzballs are still bouncing all over the place and are all the more excited that it is Christmas time. Since they were born outdoors and I suspect in the back alley of some BBQ joint because they don’t give us a moment’s peace when we have BBQ.

Having a tree indoors is all sorts of fun for the little guys. Oliver spends much time under the tree playing with the little gold jingle bells. Duncan speeds through the living room around the tree and presents and back into the bedroom. We were lucky enough when we first got them to have them sit still long enough for this picture.

If anyone in North Attleboro is looking for a pet please check out the cat room at Petsmart where Allison, Tara and Shelby all volunteer or go directly to the North Attleboro Animal Shelter.

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