Part Time Stay At Home Dad

Starting this Sunday I’ve got a new job. Yes, I said Sunday. that is not a typo as I am prone to do. For the past few months I’ve been patiently waiting to get the official word about this change to my life. I decided that I would like to work weekend nights for a number of reasons.

More Time at Home: As a Dad who is very involved in the life of his daughter it kills me to be away from her. I have a little note that I keep on my desk (written by Allison but spoken by Eva) that states, “Daddy I miss You, You are So Far Away”. I get calls from Eva in the morning where Eva asked Allison to call me because she was missing me. It breaks my heart getting those calls and not being able to be home.

More Time to Work with Clients: When working a 9-5 job there is only so much time that you have to be home with family and work another part time job. The way that things have been going in this department hasn’t been great. I get home from work, play with Eva for a few hours then dinner and then get Eva ready for bed. Once she is out I hop on the computer. The amount of time that Allison and I have had together has gotten reduced to weekends and a scant couple of hours before bed. So having time that I can work on client projects each day or on a specific day would be better. That way they would know that there were specific times that they could reach me and I would know that it was time to do that work each week.

More Money: We’re buying a house, getting out of debt and I recently paid $43.00 to fill up my dang CIVIC! Effectively the money is like having a part time job on top of my full time job. Shift Diff nice!

So I’ll soon be working Friday 7pm – Saturday 7am, repeat Saturday to Sunday, repeat Sunday to Monday. So from Monday to Friday I’ll be home. Effectively I will be a Stay at Home Dad who happens to have a Full-Time job in an office.

Changes that you might be seeing on this blog because there will be changes in my life.

Posts about Exercise: I’ll have no more excuses for not getting my butt out there and losing it.

Posts about Crafting: I want to do craft projects with Eva so I’ll be trolling craft blogs for ideas.

Posts about Food: I’ll be more involved in what we are eating in the house. when we move we’ll have a nice big kitchen so I think that Eva’s going to be learning more about cooking from Allison and me.

Posts about Yardwork, Gardening, Home Ownership: Well, we are buying a house, closing is at the end of June so these might not be till July. However, I am going to learn much about these topics before that.

Return of the Wired Kayaker: this has more to do with the house but I’ll have a garage to store my kayak and stuff so I’ll get a chance to get back out in the water

Podcast? I might start my own podcast. That is still in the air.

So, if you had five days off in a row, what would you do with the time?

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23 thoughts on “Part Time Stay At Home Dad”

    1. Thanks Chris,

      I guess I’ll be giving you true SAHD’s something to laugh about with all my missteps that will be sure to happen. LOL.

  1. LOVE it!!! I bet Allison and Eva are over the moon about it!! Congratulations!! Exciting stuff is happening!!

    1. Mo,

      Not sure how over the moon they will be having me around all the time, but I think they will get used to it. LOL. Naw, They’re pretty happy about it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Vincent,

      I work in Customer Service for a very family friendly company. They have many different ways that employees can work in different ways. No iPad 2s though.

  2. Congrats, Drew!

    I’ve been working at home for the last couple of years, and I’m so lucky to do so. Get the kids ready for school and take them (volunteering at the school often, too) and picking them up, helping with homework while having an afternoon snack and hearing about their day (and the drama!) — is priceless. I even like that occasionally I’ll get a call from the elementary school phone number with one of the kids asking if I can bring them home due to illness. (I can take that time!)

    It’s great.

    Again, congrats!

    1. Todd,

      That is great. Being away for the weekends will be tough especially being home but having to sleep, but it will be an adjustment that I think I will enjoy. Working three days, getting the pay and benefits of Full time and then having a full-ish week to spend with my family, I think it is a good trade off.

  3. Good luck!! It will be hard adjusting to the hours at first but the reward on 3 nights on 4 off sounds great

  4. I’m sure everything will work out and you will use your time wisely. Does you getting a garage mean that I will get get some more space in my garages?

    1. Dad,

      You might get a little space back but the bulk of the stuff isn’t mine, but we already know that. I can always take a motorcycle off your hands and keep that in my garage.

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