Photo-A-Day #1658

I love seeing exciting patterns and details that I can tightly focus on in my photos. Today I was at a church for wedding rehearsal for our friends TR and Michael. Walking into the church there were these windows on the doors and along the walls that had this fantastic coke bottle bottom sort of look. I was immediately drawn to taking shots of them.

The rest of the time I spent trying to take photos of the couple and be unobtrusive and avoid using the flash at all (even though it was okay to do so). I constantly try and improve my low light photography. We go to many events where it is rude to use a flash or you cannot use flash. In that case I usually get some decent shots because I’ve been practicing shooting with minimal light. I’ll take my external flash tomorrow so that I can get some more dynamic shots but I always know I can fall back to the settings to get those shots with no extra lighting. Here is another shot I got as Michael and TR went down the aisle on their way out of the church after the rehearsal.


The title of the post today sort of has to do with patterns in our lives rather than the patterns in the photos. In our lives we get trapped into following the same patterns over and over. For example I often get jazzed up to try something new. I go full force into it thinking about things, planning but I don’t take that next step and actually do something. I was talking yesterday with Jim Kukral The Biz Web Coach. We discussed many ideas that have been bopping around in my head and he stopped me and told me flat out that unless I actually do something with those ideas I am never going to get anywhere or achieve my goals. To quote Jim he says this, “DOERS get what they “want”. Everyone else gets what they “get”.” Jim has a new product called Prfessor and I’ve signed up to start my own online university. I will be creating a free course that is open to everyone and from there I will also build some courses that you can pay for to get that extra bit of information and knowledge from me. I’m also looking for other professors who might not want to take the financial plunge into buying Prfessor (it is a steal at $49.97 a month) but may want to earn money from their knowledge. Use the contact me form above so we can discuss. Today is the day to DO something. Stop THINKING about what you are GOING TO do and get out there and DO IT.

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