Peek You

Peek You
Photo-A-Day #1478

Today we trekked on up to New Hampshire to visit Allison’s brother Nate and his wife Sarah. They are expecting their first baby and subsequently our first niece. The visit was for their baby shower. Allison’s parents are up for both the shower but also for Allison’s cousin’s wedding next weekend.

Eva had quite the day, she went strong from the moment she woke up till 14 minutes after we left Nata and Sarah’s place. Eva got to play with a little girl named Brenna. Brenna is older than Eva and she so wants a little sister so the two of them were buddies for the day. Eva would follow Brenna around and say “hand”. “Hand” means “take my hand and I will lead you around until I am tired of doing so”. Eva doesn’t get tired doing that at all. She walked all over the back yard and through the house, she had so much fun. We all did.

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7 thoughts on “Peek You”

  1. Such a lovely shot…again! I’m so excited that Eva will have another little girl to play with:) And that Marcia and Dan are visiting!! FUN!!! Congrats to the whole family:)

  2. Baba,
    We are pretty excited about this as well. A little cousin will be nice for Eva. She’s always the littlest right now.

  3. Mo,
    She has a solid day with her grandparents and then we will see them in Florida in a couple or weeks, and of course we’ll be seeing you too!

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