Photo-A-Day #417 05/30/06

Doing the hippy, hippy shake. Because I work for a great place that gives me some good benefits like health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield I can take advantage of some cool programs. What I am holding is a pedometer that they sent me because I am taking advantage of Fit Blue. What is Fit Blue? Fit Blue is a weight loss program by Blue Cross Blue Shield. They sent me a pedometer, a measuring tape and a food journal. I also have a health coach that I talk with every couple of weeks.

I’ve heard that many people are also doing some weight loss blogs. I’m not going to turn this into that but I will probably try and put up the number of steps I took that day. Since starting the travel thing the airplane seats have gotten tighter, stairs have gotten higher and I’ve missed the gym as few times. Well, I am trying to get back on track and hope that Fit Blue will help out with goals and keeping me honest with myself.

Current goals are walking 45 minutes at least 3 times a week, rollerblading at least twice a week and making better eating decisions while on the road. (Allison takes good care of me at home.)

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