Yes, there is a Kalamazoo

Photo-A-Day #445

I’m in Kalamazoo, MI. My first time in the state, I haven’t had much time to check it out and I won’t. I’ve got a demo tomorrow and return home right afterwards.

Today Charles dropped me at the Harrisburg airport. A good airport in my opinion because they have the key feature, Free Wireless Internet. I was scheduled for a 4:41pm flight because of the demonstration I was suppose to have today that got cancelled. Luckily Elise and Charles were very gracious to keep us over another whole day and night. I really appreciated that guys. I ended up getting on a standby flight at 11:30am to get to Chicago. Once in Chicago my luck held out again and I got an early flight to Kalamazoo.

I went to get some dinner at Taco Bell (I can’t help it anymore when I see one on the road I get a meal. Allison should not have introduced me to it.) I then went to a Meijer’s to get some bottled water, mixed nuts and some grapes. I have a little kitchen and 2 bedrooms at my hotel and I am taking advantage of the amenities. It is too bad that I didn’t get to stay at Residence Inns while in Implementation, it would have been nice to have an apartment like place to stay in while I was in one place for a week at a time. It seems like a waste to me for only one night. Oh well.

My flights were uneventful and I slept thought most of them. I also read more of Flashback. In between flights I checked in with Allison and her progress towards home. It ended up that we both arrived at our destinations at the same time. Allison made it through seven of the Eragon CD’s.

I got a comment from Wes suggesting a web comic to read called Ugly Hill. I will check it out and add it to the webtainment links. I also found a couple of other webcomics to check out including Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal which is twisted humor, Evil Inc. which is a evil corporate empire staffed with super villains, Geeks World about some geeks who create a software company. And another one called Multiplex about movies and in strip #8 that was not me. However #11 happens to me all the dang time, minus the cuddling. I like this one, pretty funny especially for movie buffs.

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