Photo-A-Day #511 09/01/06

Got home from Evansville today. Grabbed some lunch from Fortune house on the way back from the airport and when Allison came home we headed up to the Cape. On the ride up we saw a pretty crazy accident. There is a point on 495 where the road goes from 3 lanes to 2 lanes. The right lane drops off and many people who come off the highway from RT. 24 try and speed in and merge with traffic in a very aggressive manner. Apparently one of these drivers was going too fast and no one would let her in because we saw her minivan crashed through a chain link fence of the closed weight station. She was stuck there pretty good. People were stopping to help so we aren’t callous folks who just left her there.

When we got to the Cape we had a very nice dinner with Mom and Dad. We’re going to take a walk as soon as I finish this post.

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