Photo-A-Day #654 01/22/07

Doesn’t this look like it was taken sometime int he seventies. Well, that is how I think it looks. I used a set of filters that my Great Uncle had. Unfortunately they are not the right size for my lens. So I held the filter over the lens and a little away from it because the lens needed to focus automatically. And when I took this I thought, man this looks like it was from the seventies. Duncan was a great little subject for me.

Today was pretty busy at work. I made a couple more videos and this is finally the week when the latest videos will be shown. Then I can get back to focusing on everything else. I’ve got a pretty intense travel schedule in March so I have to get geared up for that.

I’ve also been trying to get to the gym on a more regular basis and so far have been sticking to this.

Heroes is back on TV tonight. So I’m all done with this post. I’ll let you know what I think of it tomorrow.

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